Legacy & Longevity

Roder Fam Square

reFIND Life was borne out of John and his wife, Shandell's desire to see people cared for a whole and complete so that they can thrive in all areas of life.

John founded the business in 2008 as Genesis Innovations and it slowly evolved into a consulting practice for personal development with coaching focused on project management, productivity, balance, and fulfillment. Over time clients began seeking John out for professional development as well in the form of mentoring, consulting, and leadership. In 2020, John was certified by Business Made Simple to help business people master the skill they need to grow their business and eliminate the confusion they have regarding the right course of action in today's marketplace.

Shandell is currently working to transform her own body of knowledge as a Certified Nutritional Consultant into programs that will address the growing health concerns of professionals and the needs of families.

As a result, Genesis Innovations was rebranded as reFIND Life to encompass the unique offerings for businesses, life, health, and relationships -- to help people live well on purpose.