A Letter From Your Coach


Hey there, I'm John and I'd like to welcome you to reFIND Life!

I hope you take a moment to discover why I do what I do for people and their businesses.

I call myself a reformed "self-made" man because I learned the hard way that my fierce independence and pride were actually holding me back from the success and significance I was pursuing. I refused to ask for help because I had made the connection that asking for help was a sign of weakness and, to be honest, I wasn't willing to acknowledge those areas of incompetence in my life. I held the limiting belief (and the behaviours that come from that kind of thinking) that I had to "figure it all out" on my own for a long time in business and in life, compromising my lifestyle, my wellbeing, and my health in the process. My breakthrough came when I started to encounter other "successful" people and I discovered how quickly they acknowledged their limits and invited advisors into their process. Beyond that, I was surprised by how quickly they moved toward action - from intention to implementation - because they were willing to squash their ignorance quicker. That was the beginning of a new way for me.

I have been involved in the field of behavioural change for more than 20 years now and people continue to amaze and fascinate me. I began my studies as a Certified NeuroLinguistics Practitioner in 1994. Along the way, my diverse education, training, and personal journey have equipped me to coach people to develop clarity, order, and discipline in their personal and professional lives. The platforms I have been on, speaking to a wide range of professionals, have allowed me to impact more people than I ever thought I would when I was just starting out. Getting free myself has fueled my passion to help others discover a meaningful vision that will free them to stop into their destiny and live authentically. I especially enjoy collaborating with leaders to design a personal culture and practice that empowers them and transforms their workplace.

My coaching reflects the mantra: ACCEPT responsibility, REJECT passivity, LEAD courageously, and EXPECT great things. My coaching partners consistently report that having an outside perspective coupled with the tactical accountability of a coach has encouraged them to stretch and achieve so much more than they ever considered possible. That is the reason I get up every day. What matters to you - matters to me. If you're struggling, I would love the opportunity to connect with you and end the struggle. Let's explore your current situation and put our heads together to overcome those challenges and help you lead the way with confidence.

Strength and courage,