Imagine having time on your calendar every month to work on your business with a group of business owners and a coach to support you and keep you accountable

Mastermind Group Coaching

Go further - faster

Each Mastermind Group is comprised of forward-thinking, positive business owners who will help you grow personally and professionally.


  • Choose Weekly Sessions or Monthly Workshops
  • 4 hours to work ON your business each month
  • Goal-oriented accountability
  • Plus practical and tactical offline work


  • Benefit from Group-Think and Group-Share
  • Collaborate with your coach and peers
  • Build community through brainstorming and encouragement
  • Challenge your mindset and stretch for success


  • Access an exclusive library of resource materials
  • Business Made Simple University video training
  • Downloadable workbooks
  • Achieve your results faster

This small group is as close to one-on-one as you can get without paying for private coaching PLUS all the benefits that come with a collaborative group-think. For just $500 per month, you can elevate your business, get more done, and feel more confident about what you offer.

The mastermind groups we offer...

Business Strategy

Everything you need to know to grow a business. Master the skills you wish you had learned in college. Take your passion and skill and transform them into strong leadership in business as a value-driven professional.

Mission Statement and Productivity

Replace your Mission Statement with a set of Guiding Principles. Take back control of your life and your time by establishing goals that matter. You'll conquer the world when you get clear and aligned. Move forward with momentum.

Hero On A Mission

Fate is a terrible writer.
Write a story worth living.
Hero On A Mission will teach you to create a life plan that will give you a deep sense of meaning and ensure that you actually achieve the most important goals in your life.

Messaging Framework

We have a serious problem.
When our communication is unclear, we are quickly dismissed and even ignored. Clarify your message to be seen, heard, and understood in all of your company's internal and external communication.

Marketing I

Marketing should be easy
but more importantly,
it should work.
It should engage your customers. Take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts with the marketing playbook you've been looking for.

Marketing II

Build on what you've started. This is next-level stuff. Evaluate and refine all your marketing collateral to produce the customer engagement that grows your company, boosts your brand message, and impacts your bottom line.


You will be unstoppable in today's corporate environment — when you communicate well. If your message is confusing you will be ignored. Plan your communication campaign and invite others to respond to the story you are inviting them into.


Your success in life depends on how well you can negotiate. Learn to recognize tactics and become a sophisticated negotiator. Set yourself apart with a strategic framework to make smart decisions and close deals with confidence.

Your time commitment each month for your group

ACCELERATION - get going MOMENTUM - get better
FRIDAYs 8:30 am - 10:00 am MDT FRIDAYs 10:30 am - 12:00 pm MDT

Request your spot so your big goals for this year don't pass you by.

Instead, start gaining momentum and grow the thriving business you deserve.

This Mastermind Group is for you if...

You need accountability in your own business

You are looking for a small group of like-minded people

You like surrounding yourself with high-performers

You see other businesses around you succeeding (and you want that for yourself too!)

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